Eye Catching Nail Art Looks for 2019

It is so good to be back!  My life got a little crazy during the move (I’ll have to bring you on a home tour soon) and getting settled back into a routine has been a process…

Now that we have had a few weeks to get our life back together, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able to put my energy back into writing!  I’ve missed you guys.

Today I was inspired to talk about my love for a good manicure and share some awesome nail art inspo from a few archives of my favorite nail looks.

I’d describe my nail art style as a maximalist-minimalist.  Quite the oxymoron, yes, but perfect because in the world of “nail art” I am FAR from doing the most, but in the world of everyone else, my nails are extra AF.

These 5 nail looks are my top 5 favorites that are perfect for the minimalist who wants to be just a little extra… neutral colors with just the right amount of pop is the name of the game.

Which one of these 5 would you be most likely to try?  Comment down below and let me know

1.  Matte Marble

2.   Dainty Pop of Color

3.  Holographic

4.  Blinged Ombre


5.   Mod Outline




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