My Baby Registry Checklist & Guide

I can’t believe I am already at the halfway point of my pregnancy! I am officially 20 weeks and every week I am getting more and more excited to meet this baby girl.

Not only is this our first baby, but I’m also the first in my close group of friends to be having a baby so I was COMPLETELY clueless on where to begin with this registry situation (and low key pretty overwhelmed too).

I hit up alllll the blogs, youtube videos, did all the Instagram polls, and alllll the research starting as soon as I found out I was pregnant.

I am using because it’s an awesome website/app that allows me to link any item from any store under one single registry, which makes keeping track of everything breezy. It ALSO shows price comparisons across multiple stores which helps make sure I (and any gifters) were getting the best deal on the items I wanted! (this is NOT sponsored, just a genuinely amazing tool that really helped me out).

In today’s post, I am going to break down my checklist of all the key must-have items I registered for and why I went with these options after literal months of obsessive research!

Note the word key items because I’m not going to go into detail about ev-er-y-thing. But I AM talking all of the musts that can be really challenging to decide on!

Let’s do this…

Baby Gear

bouncer + seat

I went with this one because of the 3-in-1 versatility and the easy storage+transportation. It folds flat, making it easy to take with us or stow away. Plus it serves as a rocker, a bouncer, and locks into a stable chair for when Tati wants to be up and alert with us.

baby swing

This one is a smart-swing with lots of features, including multiple swing patterns, a built-in sound machine, adjustable seat recline, AC adapter, Bluetooth compatibility, plus some other handy stuff. It’s less than 20 lbs so it’s easy to move around if needed. And, bonus, it’s the nicest to look at in my opinion, which I have to admit is a big factor for me.

changing pad + scale

You’ll notice I’m like, really into the multi-functional items here. This one was a recommendation from another blogger which I thought was pretty brilliant.

It’s a smart changing pad with a built in scale so you can easily monitor whether your baby is getting enough milk from you, gaining or losing weight appropriately, which all syncs into an app so you have the progress and data to share with your pediatrician. Definitely a must-have for a first-time, slightly freaked-out mom!

baby monitor

I went with this one because, again, it’s freaking so smart! A blogger who used a different monitor for her first baby said that this one ran circles around her original buy.

What I like about this particular one is that it has everything I want out of a monitor plus a ton more. It detects and alerts me of changes in room temperature or humidity, AND breathing changes (like high or low oxygen), as well as noise and motion. It also provides sleep tracking analytics and has customize-able lullabies and two-way talk.

So essentially this gives me a baby monitor, a breathing monitor, a temperature gauge, humidity gauge, an intercom, annnnd a sound machine all in one. Worth it.

a bassinet

This was a must! My bestie, Malana, told me about this from the beginning. People SWEAR by this smart bassinet. And as a woman who loves her sleep, I couldn’t resist registering for this. We will be keeping this right by my side until it’s time to transition Tati to her crib. This baddie is loaded up with all the tech to help her sleep through the night as efficiently as possible so we can all get on schedule.


the stroller

This decision was the most overwhelming for me. I think I changed my mind literally 5 times until finally settling with this one.

There’s so many great options out there but what ultimately made this the final decision for us is it can easily become a two-seat stroller if we have baby number 2 in the next 5 years. Plus it’s inclusive of everything from the bassinet to the toddler seat, a rain shield, and a bug shield… which in several other cases those are a la carte items!

Additionally this one is chic (again on the aesthetics), it’s a one-step EASY fold that stands upright. Overall it just offers a lot of versatility and ease for our day-to-day lifestyle, plus with an inexpensive adapter I can also use it with our car seat. Speaking of car seat…

car seats

We went with this Infant seat + this convertible seat to last us into Tati’s toddler years.

The infant seat is my must-have because according to every review and parent who chimed in on my Insta Stories, it is the LIGHTEST WEIGHT on the market.

The convertible car seat I love for all the same reasons I love everything else. Well-thought-through tech, ease of use, high ratings/recs/reviews, versatility, and it’s pretty. I’d go into more detail but I think you get the picture!

jogging stroller

In addition to our-day-to-day stroller, it became very clear that we’d also need something designed specifically for some off-roading and rough terrain! With daddy being a triathlete, he needs to be able to take Tati on runs and I need to be able to wheel her all through triathlon races so we can cheer on our man!

My IG community LOVES this stroller and it is one of the highest reviewed jogging strollers out there for when we have our family adventures.

back seat mirror

We went with this one. Pretty self-explanatory!

portable crib

Y’all already know we are a traveling family so Tati needs a place she can sleep safely when we hit the road! This one is super convenient and functional!

Clothes + Accessories

So obviously it’d be the longest blog ever if I actually tagged ALLLLL Tati’s little outfits. The one thing every mom blogger tells ya is in those first few months, as much as you think you’ll want to play dress-up, the reality is onesies are the way to go!

So save the cutesie outfits for when you’re not so exhausted and register for some quality onesies.

I got a ton of these because the magnetic closure makes this middle-of-the-night–half-asleep diaper changes way easier.

Close up the onesies with my eyes half open in the dark without stressing about zippers or clips? Sign me up. Here’s a few of the other cute things I registered for miss thang…


high chair + accessories

It’s no secret by now that I have expensive taste. So something’s gotta give right? What can I say, I want my girl to have the best because she deserves it.

But one area I found it easy to dial back was the high chair. I am going with this one for $20 (yes $20) and found this AWESOME woman-owned small business that sells accessories to pimp it out and transform it from basic to ADORABLE.

In total the final product will be less than $100… much better than my $450 alternative.

bottle sterilizer

Because… sanitation.

bottle warmer

Because babies like warm milk.

portable bottle warmer

Because babies like warm milk even when they’re not home.

variety of bottles

Everything I’ve watched and read tells me babies can be quirky about bottles. So if you register for a bunch of one type of bottle only to find out that your baby isn’t a fan, you are running back to find different bottles. This variety pack is an assortment of 5 mainstream bottle brands so we can figure out Tati’s favorite before going all-in on one brand.

silicone bibs

Because easy cleaning.

portable high chair

Because… friends houses don’t usually have complimentary high chairs like restaurants.


baby bath tub

This one is the best fit for us because we’ll probably be laying her in our garden sink in the kitchen or our bathtub. This one is comfy for Tati, it is mildew resistant with the holes annnnd came highly recommended by several mom bloggers.

shampoo + body wash + lotion

Health & Safety

first aid + grooming kit

snot sucker + boogie wipes

baby detergent + stain remover

Toys & Distractions

play gym

chic wooden counting toy

cute rattles

stuffed animals

The Cuddle+Kind brand is precious AND they donate 10 meals to children with every 1 stuffed animal purchased! Awesome company to support.


books (which I didn’t register for because my baby shower guests are bringing/signing books instead of cards)

Miscellaneous Necessities



diaper bag


closet dividers

car seat + nursing cover


I think that does it!

Hopefully my obsessive stressing and researching can help alleviate some of your own and make the selection process easier! Any must-haves on your list that I didn’t mention? Drop ’em below in the comments.


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