About Me

My blogging journey started 2 years ago when I switched careers with the goal of using this space to continue sharing my passion and expertise from the beauty industry.

What started out as a beauty blog quickly evolved into a lifestyle blog.  From beauty tips, to home décor, to marriage lessons, and now mamahood, you might find a little bit of everything here.

And while my content might be considered broad by some, my goal couldn’t be more concise.

You see, I live a FULL life.  I’m a career-focused girl-boss, working my way up the corporate ladder in the family business with plans to take over and continue the family legacy one day.

I am married to my best friend.  Travis and I have been married since 2013, and together since 2010.  I am passionate about keeping that spark alive and making our marriage a priority.

And NOW, my newest (and also my favorite) hat that I get to wear is the role I play as a mommy to the most freakin’ adorable chunk of a baby girl you have ever laid eyes on.

Tatiana Loren (who I mostly refer to as Tati) is my purpose.  She’s my world.  I want her to know that she can do anything, be anyone, and have it all without sacrifice. 

And how can I preach that possibility to her if I’m not living it out myself? I am walking the walk for my daughter and ALLLLLL the women out there that have ever been told that being a GREAT mom means sacrificing your career or putting your marriage on the backburner… or that being a good wife means pushing your needs to the side.

No.  I have no interest in that narrative.  My goal on this blog is to prove that we women CAN have it all.  We can be a mom, a boss, and a wife.  We can be sexy when we feel like it.  We can be classy when we feel like it.  We can be a hot mess when we feel like it.

We can – and I plan to be living proof.  So, join me for this crazy ride and let’s juggle all of the hat’s women wear together.

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