Having It All Means Losing some Things Along the way!

The Not-So-Secret Story of My Successes, Struggles and Failures
Born in Ohio.
Grew up in Texas and proudly answered to “band nerd” and “color guard captain.” My dream was to become a famous actress.
Moved to LA to launch my acting career—but instead of roles, I got rejections. My confidence was shattered, I was broke, and I realized my passion was less about acting and more about the art of transformation.
Worked as a makeup artist and hair stylist for some of the biggest brands and celebrities—think Mariah Carey, Bloomingdales, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Famous Footwear, LeAnn Rimes and ESPN Body Issue. Learned what it takes to be an art director.
Married Travis, mi amor and best friend.
Co-Founded my first brand—Makeup Artists Unleashed—and produced events across the country. I certified hundreds of makeup artists through my workshops and built up more $ in my bank account than I’d ever seen.
Sept 2017
Crashed. I burned out on the constant event production lifestyle. My relationship with my business partner (and best friend) tanked—my business and friendship both ended. I lost my Grammy, the person who I was closest to in the whole world. The weight of it all was too much, it affected me and my husband, and we started marriage counseling.
Reinvented myself and launched Beauty Boss Network. I continued to produce beauty-preneur events but concentrated on building an online community. My life felt aligned for the first time in years—my business was flourishing and I thought I’d found my path.

 But then it hit me. I was doing what my family had been doing for decades, so why wasn’t I doing it with them? That’s when I sold my company to their company (eWomenNetwork) and joined the family business full time.
Became a mother to Tati and proudly added #mompreneur to my social.
Spoke on stages across the country to thousands about everything from AI to social media, branding to digital marketing, and content strategies to body image. 
Into the Future
I will become CEO of the family business and continue the legacy of eWomenNetwork, helping one million women entrepreneurs each achieve one million dollars in annual revenue.


For everyone who looks forward to seeing what I’ll wear almost as much as hearing what I’ll say.