Preach, Sister!

On stage. Virtually. In person. From 10 to 10,000.
I can’t talk enough about…
AI and Productivity: Faster and Easier
Are You Using the Right Social Media for Your Business?
Brand New: How to Build Your Brand
Building a Business and Building a Relationship: They’re More Alike than You Think
Content: 7 Things You Won’t Learn Anywhere Else
Digital Marketing: How to Keep up When It Changes Every Day
How AI Made Me a Better Mom
It’s Giving Influencer. It’s Giving Celebrity. It’s Giving You.
Makeovers for You and Your Business
Makeup, Hair, Wardrobe and Showing Up (and off) for Your Brand
Stop Doing Things the Hard Way!
The Mompreneur Mindset
The Power of Storytelling
AI in Heels: The Future of Entrepreneurship for Women
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I’m your girl.
“This is the first time I actually SAW a PROCESS
to help me create video content with AI.”
Cheryl Hodson
“Off the charts! Great training!
This was the most valuable aspect of the event for me. “
Amy Westbrook
“I learned so much about how to use AI
and I have so much more confidence about AI.”
Nancy Batterman
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