Getting Started as a Micro-Influencer *

Before we hop into today’s topic I want to start by saying, I am so full with gratitude. A few weeks ago I let you guys in on a part of my life that I really haven’t talked much about. To be honest, I really didn’t think you guys would CARE.

I’ve always shared beauty related content since the beginning of time. Yet, ever since I decided to let you in on the evolution that’s led me into my role as a Branding Strategist & Creative Director at eWomenNetwork, the response has been nothing but support & I am just humbled!

Pre-Conference Day wearing House of CB

Thank you for joining me on this crazy road of life and being down for the ride with all it’s sharp turns and unexpected detours!

So now that we are all up to speed on what life looks like behind the gram, let’s drop some knowledge from my experience with building brands, & creating influence.

Becoming a Micro-Influencer

This year at the 2019 eWomenNetwork Conference I hit the mainstage to do a deep dive on HOW to get started as a micro-influencer.

This is a topic that SEVERAL people have asked me about on Instagram. And luckily it just so happens to be something that I do for women entrepreneurs every day… grow and monetize their profiles, with less than 10,000 followers.

Mainstage wearing BCBG Jacket, Zara Top, & House o CB Trousers

So today I am going to share not only the tricks I’ve used to do this for myself; you know, the ones that landed me $500 a month brand deals with less than 10k followers; but also how I’ve done this for my clients. One of them, with less than 1,000 followers, launched and even completely sold-out her $1,500 a month coaching program! Can I get an amen???

Engagement is Key

At the end of the day, if you get this one variable down, you will be successful as a micro-influencer.

Brands are looking more at engagement than followers. If you can show brands that you have an engaged audience who listens to your advice & recommendations, then you are going to be successful.

In my keynote I dove into a few of the ways I like to boost engagement.

I could go on forever about engagement, so leave a comment if you’d like me to do a follow up post focused on this!

Verbal Messaging

Captions are so incredibly important. Having influencer success is LARGELY impacted by your ability to write captions that people want to read. It’s KINDA hard to influence when people don’t care what you have to say, so messaging is KEY. When it comes to great messaging, it’s gotta be doing one of these three things at all times:

Entertain – Engage – Convert

You CANNOT ALWAYS be selling something, or directing people to click the “link in bio.” Learned that the hard way. No one wants to feel sold to all the time… you gotta take ’em to dinner first. 😉

That’s why it’s important to have a cadence in your posting. It allows you to balance the “conversion” posts with content & captions that entertain & engage too.

Analytical Strategy

This is where the importance of measuring comes in. My mama always says, “what gets measured is what gets done.” Therefore, setting up a business profile so that you can actually look at your analytics is major.

Start paying attention to the common thread in your images that do well. You might start to notice trends like:

Do long-form captions get more comments?

Notice whether iPhone versus camera photos perform better?

Do people seem to like when you share full body/outfit shots or close up selfies?

Once you’re paying attention to the analytics, you can tweak your approach and give the people more of what they want!

Visual Appeal

Here’s the kicker about visual appeal. I am NOT talking about simply posting pretty pictures. I am talking about creating a DEFINED brand image. Your own signature aesthetic so that when people scroll across your post, they know it came from you without having to look at the credits.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from my time in the production space is how to create images that capture a MOOD. How to create imagery that captures a VIBE.

The BEST influencers I follow have this DOWN. You can FEEL their energy coming through the screen and it GRABS your attention. Some of my FAVORITE moody mavens who have really got this DOWN are people like my girl, Dani Austin, Annabelle Fleur, Danielle Gervino, and Casey Goode.

They are all amazing for completely different reasons. Take notice to the energy in their photos, that pull you in, and make you want to read their caption and engage.

Now, couple that with some analytical strategy, and you have mastered the trifecta of influencer success.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like a sequal to this post going more into detail on engagement strategies! Have a different request for a blog? Just let me know. I gotchu girl.