3 Tips to Overcome Millennial Burnout *

Hi.  My name is Briana. And I am a millennial.

They say the first step to healing is admitting you have a problem,right?

I know, I know, it isn’t a “problem” being a millennial.  After all, we are the tech-savvy, optimistic, entrepreneurial, open-minded, and innovative generation right?  Totally.

But with all of our awesomeness, comes some downfalls which I didn’t realize I was even subject to until I recently became acquainted with the now popular term, Millennial Burnout.

Here’s the downside of being a millennial…

Most millennial’s have no issue identifying why we are awesome, so let’s hop straight into the hard part.  Despite our super optimistic, and dream-following nature, we are also statistically projected to be the first generation since the “Silent Generation that is expected to be less economically successful than their parents.”

Talk about demoralizing.  Which leads to the creation of this thing called Millennial Burnout.

What’s Millennial Burnout, Bri?

Millennial Burnout is a term that went viral after a recent Buzzfeed Article by Anne Peterson where we are referred to as “The Burnout Generation.” Ouch.

Basically, she talks about how it’s burnout that we, as millennial’s, deal with due to challenging job and economic conditions, as well as the impact of what they call “helicopter parents” who conditioned us to thrive in the workplace. All of this has created this overwhelmingly never-ending pursuit of self-optimization.

We basically grew up being told we can change the world, and feel like if we aren’t doing that, then we are failing at life.  So as a result, anything that doesn’t feel like it’s serving our “purpose” is mundane and unimportant… when the reality is it’s not.  It’s just part of adulting.

So the millennial burnout sets in.  We are overstimulated by the unrealistic standards set forth by social media.  We are overwhelmed with the pressure to measure up and not be a statistical failure.  And we are trying to overrun the world while also likely being overly in debt from student loans and working in careers that have nothing to do with our degrees.

Good times!

Who relates?

When I read this article I was immediately like, “holy sh**, this is me.  I have millennial burnout.”  I’ve been wondering why I’ve been so “off” lately.  I’ve been overwhelmed by the simplest of things at work and in my personal life, and feel so incredibly drained by the time the day is done that there is literally nothing left.  No energy for creativity.  No inspiration or internal compass guiding me like it usually does.  Nada. Nothin’.

Am I alone here?  Let’s get a raise of hands in the comments below!

The beautiful thing (like I said in the beginning), is just like everything else, the first step to getting back on track is recognizing there is a problem.  I recognized I wasn’t being myself, and decided to get RIGHT down to business to get out of this FUNK.  So here it goes…

3 Ways to Overcome Millennial Burnout

1.  Unplug from Social Media

Especially for those of us who have to be on it all the time, this is really so important.  Aside from my own channels and content, I’m also the Digital Marketing Director for eWomenNetwork so I am literally on social it feels like ALL. DAY.  LONG. Social media, while it is such an amazing way to tell your story and connect with other cool people, it can also be dangerous.  Social media has also become the epicenter of insecurity and self-doubt.  Take a break from it and stop comparing YOUR reality to everyone else’s perfectly curated highlight reel with a pristine preset and a cherry on top.

2. Tackle the Bull First

Okay, my inner-Texan is coming out a little too strong with that metaphor.  But basically what I mean is, write out your list of everything you need to get done, and tackle the thing you are dreading the most FIRST.  I’ve heard different methods about doing the easy/quick things first so you can feel more accomplished faster, but personally I’ve found this to just be a delay tactic.  By conquering the thing I am LEAST excited about first, the rest of my day becomes a downhill swing versus feeling like an uphill battle.

3. Be Gentle with Yourself

We are all our hardest critic.  While sometimes I know it’s easier said than done, we have GOT to learn to be kind to ourselves.  My mom always says, “what you think about, you bring about,” and she couldn’t be more right.  Anything you tell yourself, you WILL prove to be true.  Starting and ending each day with positive affirmations has been extremely game-changing for me in regards to re-programming how I talk to myself.  It’s forced me to be mindful about how much trash I used to feed my brain and I’ve had to consciously replace those thoughts and feelings with positive ones.

What’re your two cents? Share below in the comments if you have another tip that has helped you navigate burnout and let’s support each other!