Miami Create Cultivate Vision Summit Recap *

Yesterday I attended the Create Cultivate Vision Summit in Miami with eWomenNetwork and it did not disappoint. For a content creator, the amount of photograph-able moments were a dream and as an event producer, the inspiration was on high!

I had a full-on photoshoot with Living Proof that I cannot wait to see the outcome of… more photos from that soon. I had a makeup touch-up with the Glam App, my skin refreshed by NuSkin, my SPF was reapplied, and I connected with so many other cool brands that I hadn’t heard of before the Summit like SmartyPants Vitamins, Eleven by Venus Williams, and Supergoop.

Not to mention I found my favorite hair line that you always hear me talking about on my Insta, the one-and-only amika, which was probably the coolest installation of the entire day. They transformed their space into a psychedelic Subway cart and I was LIVING FOR IT.

Tennis champ, Venus Williams, hit the stage with Jaclyn Johnson for the keynote conversation of the day and the conversation was so real. I fell in love with her. When asked about her drive, she said something SO relatable I haven’t gotten it out of my head: “well I hate losing, it’s annoying.” Same girl, same.

Some other big takeaways from the conversation were “faking it till you make it” actually works (it’s true… I had no business working as a makeup artist at Glamour Shots when I was 16, but look where it took me). You HAVE to believe in yourself, even when you don’t feel like it.

Finally, another quote of the day that really struck a cord and stuck with me is that ladies, “we have to make sure that the spaces we create are INCLUSIVE.” I LOVED hearing this because I have always felt as a “mixed-chick” who comes off very, well, “ethnically-ambiguous” that the amount of segmentation in our networking communities are still so divided. We are finally starting to see a change in that with very inclusive cosmetics, and I hope to see this trend continue and pour into every other category beyond beauty.

Inclusiveness and creating spaces where everyone can belong regardless of race, religious beliefs, or personal style, is such a COOL notion to me and hearing that theme repeated on the stage and evidenced through the audience made my heart so happy.

I left the Vision Summit visualizing a more inclusive 2019, feeling inspired in my content creating and event producing, excited about the new friends I’ve met, and ready for the new year.
Now time to get back to Dallas and put this energy to work!

Outfit Deets:
Duster: Bevello Boutique
Shirt: Express
Jeans: Gap
Earrings: Express
Belt Bag: Steve Madden
Shoes: Kate Spade