January Beauty Roundup *

Hey babes!  I hope you are finishing up the first month of 2019 strong!  Trav and I have been super busy hitting our goals and making moves. He’s been kicking some serious ass with his Triathlete Coaching, and I have uploaded 2 videos to my newly relaunched YouTube channel and have been busy coming up with LOTS of exciting content… I can’t wait for what this year has in store!

I’ve come to the realization that I go through beauty products like a my 3 dogs go through dog food (that’d be a LOT) and my routine is always shifting based on what I’m trying out or how badly the weather is drying out my skin that month (hello winter).

That said, I am rounding up some of my beauty MVP’s this month to share the latest and greatest game-changers in my beauty routine!


Let’s Start with Skincare

This month I have been obsessing over these 3 products I’ve been trying out from Votre Vu.  When I first learned about the line, I was really intrigued by the Eye Treatment, because if you’ve watched my Insta Lives, you know how I am about the dark skin around my eyes… and this product has been working literal WONDERS to brighten those bad boys up!!  I seriously wish I took before and afters… amateur move on my part, but good LORD this stuff is the truth!!  Also been using the eye treatment with the Best Regards Serum and Day Cream for normal/dry skin.  I love how they’ve been keeping me hydrated in this bipolar Dallas weather!! Votre Vu also hooked it UP with a discount code that is good until Feb 15th so just type BRIANA15 at checkout to save on any of their skin products.  I highlyyyy recommend them!

Another skincare trend I’ve gotten into is this whole facial rolling situation… I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really get it at first, but having used it since end of December, I must say, I am a fan!  I snagged the Herbivore Botanical Rose Quartz Facial Roller because a) I’m into anything Rose Quartz and b) I needed to understand what facial rolling was all about.

Turns out it’s first and foremost so soothing and relaxing, but it’s also ideal for boosting blood circulation in your skin which reduces swelling or puffiness due to stagnation of the lymphatic system. It also helps your skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin and can tighten your pores, especially if you place it in the fridge for a few minutes before using it.



Let’s Talk About Cosmetics

I just shared a LOT of what I am loving as far as makeup goes in my latest YouTube video on my Glowy Highlight & Contour Routine, so if you’re looking for some good recommendations, I suggest checking out my last blog going into major details on all of that!  To be honest though, with my big focus this year being on my fitness goals, my everyday makeup routine has gotten quite minimal.  The one thing I don’t like to skip, however, is my lipstick.  Whether neutral or bold, there is just something about having my lips on that makes me look and feel more polished.  For pretty much all December & January I’ve been rocking this Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Sonata” like it’s goin’ out of style… but it won’t because a perfect neutral lip will NEVER go out of style and this one has been everything to me lately!

Let’s Talk About Hair

It is no secret that I love a good loose wave.  It’s my go-to look.  I had been using the same curling wand for about 3 years and it was time for an upgrade so I snagged the Amika Chameleon 5-barrel curling wand and it did not disappoint!  I love how it’s packaged for travel, because I still do freelance hair styling sometimes and the case keeps everything organized and professional looking.  The iron itself is so pretty with the mirrored barrel, and the performance?  This sucker reaches a temperature that I don’t even WANT to know would do to my hair!! It is AWESOME. You can see this tool in action on my beachy waves hair tutorial!

Let’s Talk About Lashes

I have a literal lash subscription because I love these lashes so much.  Every month I get a new set mailed to my house and am able to wear the same pair for that full month because the quality is so great.  I know, it might seem a little excessive but with as many events and occasions as I find myself getting into, it’s nice to know I always have my go-to lashes on deck and nothing completes a look like lashes!  These are so easy to apply, and the Ash Kohlm style that I’m subscribed to is the perfect amount of extra fullness and length that still translates beautifully whether I am wearing them during the day or night.

They have a little more length on the outside corners so they really accentuate and lift my eyes a bit.  You’ll never catch me doing a photoshoot or going for a night out without these babies on!


There you have my favorite beauty products that I’m swearing by this month!  I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for your own beauty regimen.  What are your favorite beauty products this January?  Share them in the comments!  I’d love to know 🙂