My Maternity Photoshoot *

My maternity session almost didn’t happen because of Covid-19. I originally planned to do my session in April… and it didn’t happen until the end of June!

After 3 different plans fell-through for different reasons, I almost threw my hands up and said “FORGET IT!”

But it turns out my Plan E, was always God’s Plan A, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience, and these images that I am going to cherish forever.

We captured 3 distinct sets throughout our 3 hour session. Each has a totally different vibe.

(A pro of shooting in studio instead of on a location, is you have the ability to totally change the vibe. SO instead of one location, and one mood, you’ll see, our maternity photos turned out like 3 shoots in 1!)

Let’s get into it…

These formal photos are your classic family portraits… and I loved how the soft palette played out.
Dress by Sexy Mama Maternity

As you can see, these are just your good ole’ traditional portraits to document this season of life. They’re a staple. A must-have. A classic.

They’re the photos you frame and give to family… that your mom and dad can show off.

I love these photos, but MY favorite kind of photographs are your more lifestyle, intimate photos… so these next photos are my favorite…

Now THESE are my fave. The formal photos, while timeless, classic, and beautiful, aren’t the ones you’ll find framed in my bedroom.

THESE are the photos I’ll be framing for our dresser and nightstand.

THESE are the photos that capture the essence and the depth of our relationship.

THESE are the photos that will remind me of how much I love my husband on the days that I want to kill him (lol).

And lastly, these NEXT photos, are the photos that remind me on days I feel like a cow, that I am a pregnant GODDESS!!

And I firmly believe EVERY woman should have these for herself….

And there you have it. Me in all my 8-months pregnant glory! I know baring all is certainly not for everyone, but for me, these images depict the beauty and the miracle of the female body.

If you want to go for it, the secret is HAVE A GREAT TEAM. You want Vanity Fair quality? Then book yourself Vanity Fair quality people. Not only would I have not gotten such beautiful images, but I wouldn’t have felt half as confident taking them if I didn’t know I was in great hands. So HUGE shout out to all the peeps involved:

Photography: Priscilla DaSilva

Studio: Production House

Hair Stylist: Max Rintoul

Spray Tan: Sunless Bronze Spray Tanning

Makeup: Yours Truly

Let me know which set is your fave in the comments below!!

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