My Pregnancy Essentials *

Let’s face it… being pregnant is no cake-walk. It’s a beautiful blend of physical, mental and emotional highs and lows.

Everyone’s experience is unique to them and I admit, mine has been super rewarding and exciting, yet also extremely challenging.

I’ve struggled with body positivity and embracing my new curves. Accepting the symptoms of mental and physical fatigue + the way in which they’ve forced me to slow down my fast-paced lifestyle. I’ve struggled with feeling emotionally connected to Travis because I just feel physically and emotionally disconnected from myself. It’s been all the feels.

Don’t get me wrong. Each “negative” is met with a positive. I’ve been equally overwhelmed with excitement for this girl. Equally in awe of what my body is doing right now. I’ve been equally more in love with Travis than ever because, I gotta give the man credit, he’s been a real trooper.

It’s like I said, a beautiful blend of both highs and lows.

Regardless, it ain’t easy. So on today’s post I’m compiling a little list of indulgences that have helped me embrace this beautiful journey. These are my pregnancy essentials that I wouldn’t want to be without for the sake of my mind, body, and soul:

a bomb prenatal

Every mama-to-be has to take some kind of prenatal and this one is hands down the best. The research sold me, and then the experience sealed the deal. I tried a couple before settling on this one and it was especially a life-saver during the first-trimester morning sickness.

It has an encapsulated capsule, allowing the nutrients to release more slowly. This helps with A) not making you MORE nauseous than you already are, and B) allowing the nutrients to get farther into your digestive system. This way your body can get the absolute most out of your vitamin.

They smell amazing. The packaging is luxurious, the auto-ship is a lifesaver for my baby brain, and taking them feels like a real treat.

a luxurious belly oil

Some mamas feel beautiful during pregnancy. This mama, however, is not one of those. That said, taking the time for some extra self-care measures have been CRUCIAL to my sanity and ability to embrace all these physical changes.

For me, this belly oil is the product that I use to feel pampered, and beautiful. I love the smell, I love the packaging, I love the formula.

I love that I can put a few drops on my body or a few drops in my bath tub to make it extra hydrating and relaxing (something I can’t do with a lotion). And overall, I’m just obsessed.

She’s a pricey one, but a little goes a long way. My first bottle lasted me about 4 months, so you’re looking at about a 2x purchase to feel pampered throughout your pregnancy.

my facial roller

I kind of got out of using this baby before pregnancy, but once I started to notice how puffy my face was getting, I decided it was time to whip it out!

I use this for about 5 minutes every night after my skincare and in a week I noticed a total difference in my jaw and cheek puffiness.

a pregnancy pillow

I waited ENTIRELY too long to get one of these. It’s life changing. I started experiencing really severe back and hip pain at 20 weeks (which come to find out, a lot of women deal with). We could do a WHOLE other blog post on that topic and how I’m correcting it. This is one of those little things that just makes being pregnant WAY more comfortable.

This one I love because it’s so versatile. One of the sides is removable if you don’t want it. The other side is designed to contour your tummy and leg so you get some support. I SLEEP SO MUCH BETTER with this pillow than before I got it and might not ever stop using it to be honest!! lol

a pregnancy journal

As I shared, for me, the emotional challenges have been just as intense, if not more intense than the physical. On one hand, I LOVE my belly. I’ve never loved rocking form fitted outfits more.

On the other, while I love my bump, it certainly does not make me feel what I’d consider “sexy” and being somewhat of a sensual person by nature, I don’t exactly feel like myself. And not feeling like myself makes me feel sad sometimes. And being sad is not fun.

So I was gifted this journal that’s called “Letters to My Child” and it has been a saving grace. I’ve been able to write letters to Tati throughout this entire journey. If I’m feeling sad or insecure, by the time I’m done journaling, I always feel better. Writing letters to my baby ALWAYS get’s me out of my funk and back into a place of gratitude and excitement.

photo from Pinterest – this is my exact journal though!

I plan on giving this to Tati one day when she’s having her first baby, so I keep it pretty candid with her on my emotions and ups + downs. Hopefully she’ll appreciate the realness when the time comes and if she shares any of the same challenges that I have, hopefully my letters to her will give her some comfort and grace.

But most importantly, she’ll know that despite any downs I might face, she is always and will always be worth it. That’s the power of what having this journal has done for my mind through this journey. She keeps me in check!

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What were or are some of your pregnancy essentials? Share ’em with me below!!

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