5 Makeup Tips for Brides *

So I’ve been doing bridal makeup for the past 13 years and have easily invested over 10,000 hours working in this department alone… I think that makes me an expert, right?  Regardless, I have DEFINITELY picked up a trick or two about how to be the baddest bride that ever was and since I can’t do ALLLLL the brides, I’ve got a few tips and tricks just for you.

“Trends change and shift but a beautiful, radiant, soft-glam never goes out of style.”


First and foremost, when it comes to flawless bridal makeup that lasts all night through kissing, dancing, hugging a ton of guests, and taking tons of pictures, it TRULY starts with great skin prep. The first step to a seamless application is exfoliation. You want to get alllll the dead stuff off so that your makeup lays more evenly, and looks lighter on your skin. My favorite exfoliant is this baby right here.  Following that prep-step with an amazing sheet mask is my go-to treat that I use on all my brides. THESE are my favorites to use. It really helps plump the skin by loading it up with nutrients that give the skin an amazing glow. Using a great moisturizer and primer are also key to long lasting and even makeup.

Check out this bridal trial run with one of my favorite brides ever, Dani Austin!

Waterproof ALL the Things

Secondly, the more long-wear formulas you use on your big day, the better! There are so many amazing long-wear formulas out for everything from primers, to foundations, eyeliners, and mascaras. Even lash-glues, and eyeshadows have long-wear or waterproof formulas these days! You want to take every single measure to ensure your makeup stays flawless. That includes not neglecting to set your makeup with powder, even if you’re not usually a huge powder lover. Spraying a great setting-spray can take away the powdery-finish and add another level of reinforcement.

Blend, Buff, and Repeat

Third, even though I am encouraging you to go in with every step and every layer, I am NOT saying you have to be cake-faced for your big day. The secret to keeping that light and natural finish despite all the products is to blend it, buff it, and then blend it, and buff it again…. And maybe even once more after that. Seriously. Blend as you go, take your time, and really work the product into your skin. Not ONLY is it going to help it stay in place but it will also make sure that the layers are diffused and natural.

One of my glummest brides which was so fun to create, Tawna Eubanks McCoy.


Stay Away from the Strips

This is more of a personal peeve of mine… I HATE when brides wear lash strips. It looks so artificial and fake when they look down in photos. Plus, if the water-works start to flow, and that lash is not PERFECTLY adhered and a corner starts to lift, your makeup is pretty much done for. I feel that every bride should treat herself to individual lashes for several reasons.  Reason number one, is that like I said, it just looks better.  Secondly, they are more customizable which means lashes that are perfectly placed for YOUR eyes.  And thirdly, if you end up losing one individual lash it isn’t going to make a noticeable difference in the application, unlike if you lost an entire strip of lashes.

Veer Away from Bold Trends

I always urge my brides to keep the look classic and timeless.  Trends change and shift but a beautiful, radiant, soft-glam never goes out of style.  I’m always down to pump up the drama for my ultra-glam brides, however, the last thing you want to do is look back on your big day and think, “what was I thinking when I rocked this trend?”  When it comes to your wedding day, my advice is to go for a look that both makes you feel amazing AND will never go out of style.