April Beauty Roundup *

March was canceled.  April on the other hand, is on and POPPIN’!  I am so excited about the spring weather and with that comes a spring beauty routine.  For this months beauty roundup, let’s take a look at some staples in my spring beauty regime.

Let’s Talk About Inner Beauty

Ever heard the old adage, “beauty starts from within?”  Well, it’s true.  And as you might remember if you follow me on Instagram, my inner situation was having a bit of a situation with digestion and overall gut health so about a month ago I took a quiz on the HUM Nutrition website and was recommended from one of their physicians these 3 vitamins.  I’ve been taking the Daily Cleanse, Gut Instinct, and Flatter Me daily which all help heal your gut and subsequently have also made my skin ultra clear!

Healthy, glowing skin and spring practically go hand in hand so I am really excited by my results with these vitamins and definitely plan on continuing this as part of my ongoing routine for clearer skin and a flatter, happier tummy!

Let’s Talk About Coconuts

Yeah, that’s right, I said coconuts. I was introduced to this brand at a fashion show I did makeup for last month and fell in LOVE with these cleansing balms.  Turns out Skinny & Co is a line of pure coconut based products that contain 5 ingredients or fewer.  This cleansing balm, makeup remover, and moisturizer (yes, that’s a 3 in 1 I just dropped on you) is also infused with therapeutic-grade essential oils to calm and rejuvenate my skin.  Affordable, versatile, all-natural, and effective? Check.  Count me in.

Let’s Talk About Roses

It is the SPRING beauty roundup!  Did you think we were going to talk spring beauty without some floral inspo in the mix??  I am a sucker for a new facial spray and have been wanting to try EV-ER-Y-THING Herbivore Botanicals makes, so when my friend hooked up Coconut Water (cough, cough, notice a theme here?) Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Facial Mist you know I was over the moon.  And let me tell you she did not disappoint.  First of all, not all squirty-bottles are created equal and this one sprays like a true mist, which I love AND it also happens to get my seal of approval on the scent, feel, hydration, and refresh expectations that I have for facial sprays.

Let’s Talk About Being Blonde

If you didn’t know, now you know, I had a bright idea (pun intended) to lighten up my hair for spring, because, you know, I’m original like that.  HAH!  But I do love to switch up my hair and I missed being blonde so we did the damn thang, and I am loving it!

With that, however, came a complete overhaul on my hair routine so let’s take a look at the new goods…

The fact is, I love putting heat on my hair.  I always have and always will.  So this new ghd Platinum+ Styler is PERFECT for me because it has a predictive technology (the latest breakthrough in heat styling) that adjusts the temperature 250 times per second to make sure that your hair isn’t getting fried to hell, basically.  So it’s a flat iron that works with me not against me and I am in love with it.  I do one pass per section, and my hair is BONE STRAIGHT.  It’s a miracle.

The other absolute blonde necessity is a good shampoo and conditioner.  No blonde can live without a good purple shampoo… and so far Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo is the BEST I’ve used.  I’ve been platinum blonde before, believe it or not, and I tried a LOT of purple shampoos on myself and my clients back in my hair styling days (which was only 4 years ago).  This one does what it promises and kicks the yellow tones all the way out.

The Matrix Total Results Brass Off Color Obsessed Mask is another all time favorite because it packs just as much pigment as the shampoo (which I had never seen before) and is SO incredibly nourishing.  My hair feels soooo soft and healthy after using this.  Even when I decide to go back to brunette, I am probably going to keep this in the hair routine because I love it so much.

Let’s Talk About K Beauty

Last but certainly not least, it is no secret that I love a good face mask.  I discovered this brand on one of my Ulta tirades in the K Beauty section last summer and feel like I’ve witnessed this brand grow SO much.  Their branding is super cute, and tbh, I definitely did it at first for the selfie.  Much to my surprise, I actually loved the results.  The Space Kitten mask is an INTENSE peel off mask.. think nose strip, but for your face, in mask form.  It is not pleasant to take off but definitely does it’s job in lifting the gross stuff up and out.  Disco Kitten is an illuminating mask that gives a really nice even glow to the skin, so I love pairing these up for my quintessential clear and glowy skin for spring duo!

And there you have it!

These are the latest and greatest I have introduced into my spring routine and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts?  Have you tried any of these?  Planning on trying a few now? Questions about any of what I mentioned?  Do you have another favorite for spring you think I should know about?  Enlighten me!  Can’t wait to read your comments <3