February Beauty Roundup *

Today I am PUUUMPED because I got turned on to a LOT of GREAT products this month!  Last months beauty roundup is still relevant… I’m still using and am in love with alllll of those goodies, but THIS month I am diving into some other beauty necessities we didn’t talk about that I’m totally in love with.

This month we are talking hair, we are talking skin, and we are talking makeup! It’s going to be a good one ladies and gents.  Let’s hop into it.

Let’s Start With Skincare

During the winter months my lips get SO dry. My FAVORITE lip conditioner that I’ve always relied on has been sold out everywhere and I always forget to order it online so needless to say, my lips started to get crusty (my biggest peeve) and I needed to do something STAT.  One of the aestheticians at Credo Beauty in Plano told me about this lip butter by VERTLY and the color, texture, and soothing feel immediately gave me a throwback to my OG Tony Moly Lip balm, except without the artificial flagrance and flavor. THIS one is just as effective for healing my lips (the crustiness was literally gone in 2 days), except it is ALL natural and infused with CBD which is incredibly good for skincare and wellness.  I snagged the rose for a little floral scent and tint!  The packaging is chic AF and the product is fire.  Highly recommend giving this baby a try for your dry winter lip remedy.

Now, for my cleanser, I have been using this Peet Rivko Gentle Cleanser for almost a solid month now and I am in LOVE.  It is SO gentle and non-irritating… I can even get it in my eyes by accident (which is a frequent thing for some reason) and it does not burn.  “Formulated with aloe vera, comfrey, and green tea, this non-foaming cream cleanser removes daily grime and excess oil while maintaining natural pH and oil balances — leaving skin soft and smooth.” Yes, it does.  It really gets the rest of my makeup off and doesn’t leave me feeling dry, irritated, AND you know I’m a sucker for a chic package… so this minimalist bottle looks amazing on my counter!


Let’s Talk About Hair

Living Proof sent me this new shampoo they just came out with and it pretty much blew my mind.  It’s designed to gently strip away any product buildup or hard water buildup.  If you’re not familiar, hard water can leave a film on your hair that prevents moisture from getting in (which for me is a BIG problem) on both your hair and scalp.  On your hair, that means dull, dry hair.  On your scalp that means dandruff!!  No, thank you.  So this shampoo comes with a hard-water test strip and sure enough my water is hard AF… so you know I went in with this shampoo, and my hair not only felt cleaner, but it was visibly shinier and smoother after the first use.

Let’s Talk About Makeup

So this first product I want to talk about is actually a product I fell in love with back in November.  One of my girlfriends told me it was a must-try and I’m always intrigued by a good drugstore find.  Long story short, I became a huge fan, packed it on a trip, lost it, found it, and then started using it again this month, and fell in love allllll over again.  It’s kind of magical because yes, it contains honey, but it is not sticky at all and dries down really fast.  Honey is a natural antiseptic so it calms down any redness or discoloration, the primer smooths your skin texture, and contains collagen for an extra plump look.  It is so beautiful under foundation and for a $17 product, I couldn’t be more obsessed.

Now this next product is a remix of a classic OG cult classic.  NARS is one of my favorite lines on the planet.  They always kill it.  If you are a female and you haven’t tried the NARS Orgasm blush before, then my question to you is, what exactly are you even doing with your life?  It’s one of those shades that just works on EVERYONE.  And NOW, they’ve released the Orgasm shade in liquid form, and I am here to tell you, it is BEAUTIFUL.  The older I get, the more I like a dewy, hydrated look on my face.  The liquid gives me that beautiful shade I love, but looks SO incredibly natural.  The liquid formula blends down easily, and doesn’t dry or stain my face with any blotches before I get a chance to blend making it super user friendly.

Last, but abso-freakin-certainly not least, the eyeshadow palette I have not been able to put down since it showed up in the mail.  The Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette is to die for.  The Urban Decay shadows are such beautiful formulas and these colors?  Dreamy.  I’m here for the warm hues and these look great on alllll eye colors… but for my fellow blue-eyed-babes especially, this palette is a must.

I’ve been getting a lot of love on my makeup lately, and when I do, it’s usually because I’m wearing this palette, so you can definitely expect a video tutorial to come soon!

And there you have it!

That wraps up this months beauty roundup of my favorite things.  I am moving into a new house this week so these babies will be the last to get packed because aside from the shampoo, I use all these beauty products DAILY. What are your go-to beauty products?? Any you think I need to try for next months roundup? Comment below and let me know what I’m missing out on.