My Top Skincare Essentials *

Today I wanted to dive into a pretty hot topic that I get asked about a LOT. Skincare. As a professional makeup artist, skincare was always a very signature element to my makeup service. It makes or breaks any makeup application and I just don’t do broken makeup. Skincare has also been a BIG thing for me personally. When I turned 26, I was dealing with a lot of life stress, some hormonal changes, and not taking the best care of myself. My skin went completely crazy. I had a constant breakout that I could NOT get under control and it really shook my confidence. It took a lot of testing of different products, patience, and research to learn how to manage my now almost 30-year-old skin. I can proudly say, I finally got this situation under control. I took me losing control of my skin at 26 to finally appreciate my it. Now, I refuse to take it for granted and want to preserve what I have as best I can! Below are my 11 essentials that I use on myself, my clients, or recommend the most to others!

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BioDerma Micellar Water

Where has micellar water been all my life? Where was this when I was a teen that hated washing my face?! This product is so painless and easy for getting off my makeup and I love that it doesn’t leave a gross, oily residue on my skin. I feel like makeup wipes take off some product, but mainly just moves everything around. Two cotton ovals, and a dousing of micellar water and my face is makeup free and good-to-go. 95% of the time, I do use a cleanser after, because I like to be a skincare-over-achiever but if I’m feeling lazy, I know at least my skin is clean with this product… even for my stubborn eye makeup.

Coconut Oil

Every now and then I need to call in some extra reinforcements on the makeup removal front. Lash glue, stubborn waterproof eyeliner, and sometimes certain mascaras require a lot of rubbing to get off with micellar water. With the eye area, I am really conscious of being gentle, so instead of having to get rough with my eyes, I’ll just go in with a little coconut oil and let the magic of mother nature do its thing to break down the stubborn, heavy duty stuff on my eyes. After that, I’ll just wipe it off with my cotton pad and go in with a cleanser.

TWINMEDIX Oxygenating Cleanser

Speaking of cleansers, this one is at the top of my list. I have used a LOT of cleansers, and while I have several others that I like, this is just my favorite. It’s unique because you apply it dry, and the cleanser goes from a serum to a bubbly, tingly, foam within 60 seconds. It feels amazing. It’s like I can feel it going into my pores and putting in some serious cleansing work. Once all the bubbles have popped, I’ll remove it with a damp washcloth and send a prayer of gratitude to the skincare Gods. LOL.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate

I’m a firm believer in a healthy exfoliation ritual. LOL. But seriously, dead skin doesn’t glow. I don’t care how much highlighter you try to pile on, yah gots to exfoliate the dead stuff off. This product is probably one of the more expensive on my list but it’s only a 2-3 times a week product which makes it last and it is magical. This is a 2-minute intensive exfoliating treatment that has some impressive clinically proven results that I will totally attest to.

Embryolisse L’ait Crème Concentre

Doesn’t matter what kind of skin you have. This moisturizer is a MUST for everyone. It’s what I’ve used in my professional kit for years and what I love on myself. Peek inside any pro makeup artists kit, and I promise you’ll find one of these tubes in their bag. It’s been a cult favorite amongst the pro’s since 1950 and is full of nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter, Fatty Acids and Soy proteins that repairs and firms the skin, restores elasticity, and creates a healthy glow reminiscent of younger days.

Origins Ginzeng Brightening Eye Cream

This eye cream right here is my JAM. I basically just look tired all the time without concealer because I have a lot of darkness around my eyes naturally (thanks genetics). It’s always great when I opt to go without concealer and everyone asks me if I’m sick. “No, Susan, I just don’t have makeup on, but thanks for noticing.” This eye cream is amazing because it reduces the darkness, and the opalescent tint instantly brightens my eyes, while rapidly refreshing and waking up my eye area. It also depuffs on those days where I wake up with some swelling (hello late nights, and early mornings). It’s formulated with Coffee Beans, Panax Ginseng, Magnolia Extract and natural optic brighteners. And possibly one of my favorite things about it is how affordable it is at $32 which lasts me about 2 months with daily use.

Tony Moly Lip Balms (Kiss Kiss and Mini Peach)

Chapped lips are possibly one of my greatest pet peeves. And while long-wear lipsticks are game-changers, they also aren’t exactly hydrating. Needless to say, I have tried practically every lip balm under the sun and the Tony Moly Lip Balms are hands-down the holy grail of all of them. I’ve used the mini peach and the Kiss, Kiss versions and love the formula of both! It’s not too waxy, not to glossy, feels immediately soothing, and oh yeah, it actually does what it’s supposed to.

L’Orial Paris Sublime Bronze Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist

I’m just a nicer person when I’m tan. I think it’s a scientific fact that warming your complexion simultaneously warms the soul. While I love a good airbrush tan, my budget prefers that I limit my pro-tan experiences to special occasions. In between the REAL deal, this drug store product is a life-saver. I have sensitive skin, so the fact that I can also tan my face without irritation makes it a win, and gives my entire body a natural looking glow like I just got some sun. I also love that it’s an aerosol can which allows me to mist awkward areas, like my back that are hard to get even with a lotion.

Kate Sommerville Eradikate Acne Treatment

Pimples? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Usually during certain times of the month or sometimes when I travel, I will get hit with a pimp or two on my face. Eradikate is my GO-TO product for shutting pimples down FAST. I just use this spot treatment over night to dry out my unwanted friends, pray for the strength to not pick at, touch, or mess with in any way, and allow it to work its magic. I swear by this stuff.

MustaeV USA Sheet Mask

There are so many sheet masks that have taken over the marketplace. Everywhere I turn there’s a new brand or a new package promising some amazing skin benefit, and I’m a sucker for that ‘ish so I like to think I’ve tried a respectable number of them and they always disappoint me. The MustaeV masks are my favorite because they don’t use artificial fragrances which my skin is super sensitive to. The “sheet” itself is a woven cloth material, as opposed to a paper material like most of the others out there, which just feels more luxurious and comfortable on my skin, let alone breathable. The essence is a gel base, as opposed to a water-based essence like most of the others out there. THAT difference is probably the most important because the watery masks either dry out/evaporate or fall off before the time is up. The gel masks stay wet and adhere to the skin better allowing the mask to REALLY do its job. I tend to use a different MustaeV mask 2-3 times a week right after my exfoliating treatment and my skin loves me for it.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater

I love this stuff. I spray it with or without makeup on at any time of the day. Feeling dehydrated? Spritz. Skin feeling tight? Spritz. Skin feeling irritable? Spritz. Feeling overheated? Spritz. Feeling stressed? Spritz. Feeling tired? Spritz. Ate a taco? Spritz. Ordered a coffee? Spritz. You get the idea. I spritz it whenever and wherever to set and refresh my makeup or on no-makeup days just to rejuvenate and wake up my skin! It’s hydrating and gives that dewy, fresh glow that I love!

Comment below if you’ve used any of these essentials and tell me your thoughts! Or if YOU have another skin essential that you swear by, share it with me in the comments below too. Oh and by the way, if you want to order some of the MustaeV Sheet Masks at 20% off, you can use my code BEAUTYBOSS at checkout to get an already inexpensive product for even cheaper! Enjoy!