Tutorial + Bonus Tips for a Bombshell Blowout *

Last week I shared a new YouTube tutorial on how to get that salon quality bombshell blowout at home, all by yourself!  I had a lot of requests for this tutorial so it was a fun one to create…

Blowing out your own hair is a challenge, so when you try these tips and tricks at home, just know it’s going to take a couple of tries to get your feel and groove of the brush and blow dryer! Never give up!!  You got this!

Once I finished editing I thought of just a few more helpful tips and tricks that will make ALL the difference in making your at-home attempt a success!  Check out the full video and my bonus tips for today’s blog!

Bonus Tip #1

Never take sections that are thicker than the barrel of your round brush.  For instance, if the barrel of my brush is 2 inches, my sections shouldn’t be more than 2 inches thick.  Otherwise, it becomes really challenging to control all the hair.  If you feel like you can’t get all your hair gripped in the brush and it keeps blowing everywhere, you have too much.  Take a smaller section, get control over your hair, and you’ll end up with a smooth end result.

Bonus Tip #2

Make sure you’re using your dominant hand for the dominant work.  It sounds silly, but I see a lot of people trip up here and wonder why it’s so awkward trying to blow out their own hair.  I am a leftie, so I hold the brush with my left hand and my blow dryer in my right.  That’s because the brush is where most of the coordination is required, so if you’re right handed, make sure your brush is in your right hand, and put your blow dryer in your left!

Bonus Tip #3

Choose the tool that is going to give you the end result you want.  If you want a bouncier, curlier blowout, use a brush with a smaller barrel.  If you want a straighter, sleeker blowout, use a larger barrel!  I like a straight, sleek blowout, and I don’t like my ends to bevel too much so I prefer a 2″ barrel or wider… when I blowout my moms hair, who prefers a bouncier, curlier look, I go with a 1″.

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