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April Beauty Roundup

March was canceled.  April on the other hand, is on and POPPIN’!  I am so excited about the spring weather and with that comes a spring beauty routine.  For this [...]
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February Beauty Roundup

Today I am PUUUMPED because I got turned on to a LOT of GREAT products this month!  Last months beauty roundup is still relevant… I’m still using and am in [...]
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January Beauty Roundup

Hey babes!  I hope you are finishing up the first month of 2019 strong!  Trav and I have been super busy hitting our goals and making moves. He’s been kicking [...]
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How To: My Beach Waves

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Well, today is a pretty exciting freaking day.  Today is the first time in EIGHT WHOLE YEARS that I have uploaded to my YouTube Channel.  [...]
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5 Makeup Tips for Brides

So I’ve been doing bridal makeup for the past 13 years and have easily invested over 10,000 hours working in this department alone… I think that makes me an expert, [...]
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